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Our communication strategy aims to bring together leading experts in sensory neuroscience and computation as well as students and the general public through conferences, symposia, on-site and online seminars as well as diverse outreach activities across the UK and beyond.

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Talks, Seminars and Conferences


Sussex Visions (online on

Sussex Visions (SV) is an all-online seminar series run by researchers at Sussex broadly interested in the study of visual circuits. SV was one of the first seminar series to take off from WorldWideNeuro, and to date has hosted more than twenty labs from around the world.

Sussex Visions is archived on YouTube here

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Sussex Neuroscience Departmental Seminars

Sussex Neuroscience runs departmental seminars most Mondays at 1pm GMT. Many of these seminars are focussed around sensory neuroscience and computation, in which case they are co-hosted by SNAC.

In ‘normal’ times, these seminars take place in person in our seminar room on campus, however for the meanwhile they take place online.

For more information, see Sussex Neuroscience.

Other talks series

We run a wide range of additional talks series around a vriety of more specialised topics in sensory neuroscience and computation. Some of these are fairly formalised and have run for years, while others are more ad-hoc.

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Many SNAC researchers are intimately involved in the organisation of national and international scientific conferences, many of which have been held in Brighton over recent years.

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