Centre for Sensory Neuroscience and Computation



SNAC is a University Research Centre at Sussex, UK. Distributed across the Schools of Life Sciences, Psychology and Informatics we are united in our research interest in the senses and their computational underpinnings.


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Our RESEARCHWho are we?

Who is SNAC?

We span systems neuroscience, sensory ecology, psychophysics, computation and robotics.

Executive Committee

To synergise across our highly interdisciplinary research interests, SNAC is led by representatives from diverse fields, from sensory ecology to computational neuroscience

Affiliated Labs

Supported by a grand total of over £26m in research grants, SNAC comprises some of the most prolific research teams at Sussex and beyond.

What we do

Our Remit

Scientific Excellence

We research the fundamental principles by which animals sense their environments, ranging from molecular mechanisms vis circuits to whole-brain computations.

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Seminars and Communication

We bring together leading experts in sensory neuroscience and comptation as well as students and the general public through conferences, symposia, one-site and online seminars as well as diverse outreach activities across the UK and beyond

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Technology and INNOVATION

Our state of the art facilities span an advanced microscopy suite, high-throughput physiology set-ups, VR arenas and powerful computational clusters.

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Training the next generation

We provide a wide range of training opportunities, from  dedicated undergraduate courses centered on “The Senses” to Master’s and PhD level seminars and opportunities for lifelong learning.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

To truly understand function and computation in the brain remains one of the biggest challenges of our time. At SNAC, we leverage our study of “the senses” as a powerful window into the fundamental working of the mind.

Some Recent News..

SNAC stories

New Lab: Sylvia SchrÖder

We are excited to welcome Dr. Sylvia SchrÖder at Sussex and SNAC. Supported by a prestigious Wellcome Henry Dale Fellowship, Sylvia will investigate the links between vision and action in mice.

New BBSRC grant: Kevin Staras

Congratulations to Kevin Staras to being awarded support from the BBSRC on “Maximizing survival when hungry: neural mechanisms for computing behavioural priorities”

Webinar Series: Sussex Visions

Since early 2020, we have been running a biweekly webinar series on vision science in collaboration with Worlwideneuro.com. Our 17 hour-long talks have attracted more than 10,000 views.


SNAC and Sussex University

SNAC and Sussex Neuroscience

SNAC is the “sensory/computational” sub-grouping of the Sussex Neuroscience (SN) community, which is one of four Strategic Research Programmes at Sussex University. All SNAC members are SN members, but not vice versa.

SNAC and Sussex Departments

SNAC brings together sensory and computational neuroscientists from Psychology, Informatics and Engineering, Neuroscience, Evolution, Behaviour and Environment.