Affiliated labs


Distributed across three schools, our 29 labs span diverse aspects in sensory neuroscience and computation


Our members

In alphabetical order

Claudio Alonso

RNA control of neural circuits

Tom Baden

Vision and Visual Ecology

Luc Berthouze

Synchronisation in networks

Jenny Bosten

 Visual Perception

Chris Buckley

Principles of Neural Computation

Tom Collett

Insect Navigation

Ben Evans

Neural Information Processing

Anna Franklin

Colour Vision

Paul Graham

Insect Navigation

Sarah Guthrie

Circuits controlling eye movements.

Phil Husbands

Adaptive Systems

George Kemenes

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory

Ildiko Kemenes

Cellular and molecular machanisms of memory

Corne Kros

Function and development of auditory hair cells

Leon Lagnado

Neural Circuits for Sensory Computation

Mike Land (1942-2020)

Animal Vision

Miguel Maravall

Tactile Sensation and Sequences

Beth Nicholls

Chemosensation in pollinating insects

Jeremy Niven

Evolutionary Computational Neuroscience

Thomas Nowotny

Computational Neurosci. and Hybrid Systems

Daniel Osorio

Colour Vision and Camouflage

Andy Penn

Glutamatergic Synaptic Transmission

Andy Philippides

Robotics, AI and Adaptive Behaviour

Dhruva Raman

Tradeoffs in neural design

Guy Richardson

Molecular and cellular basis of hearing

Warrick Roseboom

Human Temporal Perception

Sylvia Schroeder

Vision and Behaviour

Ivor Simpson

Predictive Analytics and AI

Ediz Sohoglu

Audition, attention and speech

Kevin Staras

Function and dysfunction of synapses.

John Maule

Visual Perception